We recently executed an above-ground swimming pool removal in Newmarket. Upon the client’s initial inquiry for professional swimming pool removal, our first step involved a site visit for an on-site consultation. This allowed the client to address any queries and provided our team with an opportunity to offer expert guidance and accurate pricing.

Upon the client’s approval to proceed with the swimming pool removal in Newmarket, we promptly scheduled the demolition date and made the necessary preparations. On the designated demolition day, our team of three experienced demolition experts arrived punctually to carry out the task. The entire removal process, inclusive of thorough cleanup and debris removal, was completed within 3-4 hours.

This transformation has now granted the client the flexibility to explore a variety of potential uses for their newly opened backyard space. Our proficient demolition service has left the client thoroughly satisfied and content with their newly reclaimed area.

If you are interested in the removal of your below or above-ground swimming pool, then contact us today!