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We are a team of professional demolition contractors, specializing in custom demolition services that are tailored to your specific demo needs.

With 20+ years experience, we are the favourite demolition company throughout Toronto and the GTA. Offering reliable, stress free demo services for both small and large-scale projects. ALMAR Demolition is WSIB registered and all our demo contractors are fully licensed and insured.

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Michael Waisman
Michael Waisman
Almar team was the best to work with very responsible! My entire kitchen and flooring was removed. I will definitely call them back for a full interior demo.
Rebecca Paul
Rebecca Paul
David is punctual, reliable and honest. Would refer Almar 💯. They did what they were hired to do and then some. Thanks again!!
leon kaplivsky
leon kaplivsky
One positive experience. Very professional and very reliable team. Had my free standing garage removed completely. The job was done fast and clean. Very recommended
Vitaliy R
Vitaliy R
Hi there. I had a hard time with the demolition project in my new business location. Initially, I didn’t pay that much attention to quality of work thinking that destroying is easier than building. First demolition crew made huge mess with demolition supporting wall! It was nightmare. I fired this guys and took Almar following advice of my good friend. They have rebuilt the wall and finished leftovers fast and clean. Strongly recommend.
Laleh Y
Laleh Y
Almar Demolition was extremely professional, skilled and very diligent in communication. I would recommend this company to anyone, especially to those doing their first renovation project. To provide an example of their skill, they were able to preserve my original granite countertop during demolition ensuring it didn't snap during the take-down. Thank you to Al & Mart and their team for their great work.
Eric Lester
Eric Lester
I finally finished with my basement demolition project and now ready to renovate it. I want to share my experience with Almar Demolition company. Financial part is pretty costly and i have to mention that final cost wasn't different from other estimates I have received from other companies. Throughout the conversation the way the explanation of work and process was described to me I could understand that I was talking with people that had relevant experience and knowledge. I wan not wrong about Alex and Martin. Amazing set up and organization, precise following of schedule and clean and dustless environment after finishing made me very happy. It was good choice. Thank you Almar Demolition.
Ofra Stepanian
Ofra Stepanian
I recently hired Almar to demolish my basement and they did an awesome job! The team was super professional and efficient from start to finish. They arrived on time and got straight to work, tearing down walls, flooring, and fixtures in no time. They were careful to protect the rest of my house from any debris and cleaned up thoroughly once the job was done. Communication was top-notch throughout the project. They kept me in the loop about everything and answered all my questions quickly and professionally. Best of all, they finished the job on time and within my budget. I was really happy with the quality of their work and would definitely recommend them. Overall, I was super impressed, they were friendly, professional, and really knew what they were doing.
daniel guberman
daniel guberman
So, I had this demolition job done by Almar, and gotta say, it was pretty good! These guys showed up on time, which is a rarity these days, and were cool about money stuff when I hit a rough patch during the job. When it came to the actual demolition work, they were real pros. They did it quickly and carefully, and I could tell they knew their stuff. Safety was a big deal for them, which was reassuring. All in all, I'd definitely recommend these guys if you need anything torn down. They were easy to work with and did a great job. If I need something else demolished, I know who I'm calling!
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Why choose us For Your Demolition Project

Top Rated Demo Company.

ALMAR Demolition is a full-service demolition company, offering on-site assessments, professional demolitions and post-demolition clean up. With over 20+ years experience, construction companies throughout Toronto and the GTA rely on our trustworthy demo contractors, fast demo services, and transparent pricing.

We offer a range of local demolition services for both residential and commercial projects. Homeowners requiring professional demolitions to prepare their home for the next stage of renovation can count on our courteous and polite contactors to treat their residence with respect. Commercial building contractors who need efficient and reliable service can look forward to a prepared demolition team on-time and ready to work.

Trusting Us Means:

  • Experienced & licensed demolition crew
  • Strict adherence to safety regulations, we are WISB registered
  • Use of modern demolition equipment for efficient demolitions
  • Environmentally conscious approach to demolition & disposal
  • Competitive pricing & free, detailed quotes for all projects
  • Timely completion of projects to minimize disruptions

From floor demolition to pool

We Do It All!


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